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10/13/2018 1:44 pm  #1

Cultural Awareness for Working in the Arctic - Oct 15 noon

UNH Arctic / NEAN SeminarsMonday, October 15th 12-1:00 pm Morse 301Join   URL: for webcast information)
 Cultural Awareness for Working in the Arctic, Sheyna Wisdom, General Manager of Fairweather Science LLC Click to download flyer.  Conducting research successfully in the Arctic requires an understanding of the many cultures and traditional ways of life throughout the region. In order to work effectively in the Arctic Alaska, it is essential to consider respect for indigenous people, understand cultural differences, and ensure all personnel understand cultural issues and land access rights.  Recognizing there is a need for training opportunities for those coming to work in the Arctic for the first time, Fairweather Science LLC has developed a program to introduce scholars and researchers   to important historical, environmental, cultural, and subsistence aspects of the North Slope. 

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